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21 Kasım 2007 Çarşamba

internet üzerinden plc kontrolü

Hitachi bundan 2 yıl evvel bir ürün çıkardı.Adı Web PLC.Bu ürünle ödül aldı.Fiyatı oldukça uygun.Alta size ürünün linkini veriyorum.Sizin her istediğinizi yapıyor ayrıca çok daha fazlasıda var.

-İçine web sayfası gömülebiliyor.Yani içinde web server var.
-sms atıyor
-email atıyor
-hemde plc

Web Server Function

The HTML file created according to the use
(Monitoring and Controlling) can be saved for
a Web Controller.
Remote Monitoring and Controlling of
equipment can be easily performed by
accessing the HTML file saved for Web
Controller through LAN.

Email Sending Function

Automatic data transmission / Receiving function

Example of System

If you are a bit confused about this product, read on..
If you have a pretty good idea, then skip this and move on..

What is the Web Controller?

Imagine a small micro-controller - say 6 (DC) inputs and 4 (Relay) outputs. Now embed a Web Server. No, you heard (read) correctly. Stay with me here...

OK, let's power this thing with a 32-bit RISC processor and give it 3k FLASH memory to provide data memory capacity of over 16,000 points. So far, so good, but now let's give it on-board HTTPD (hyper text transfer protocol Daemon) and special CGI (common gateway interface). What this does for us is to provide a means to automatically read/write data on the web controller by using a standard web browser on a networked PC. This PC could be on a LAN, VPN, or over the Internet for example. But wait, there is more!

Now, we also have the capability to automatically send up to 16 different emails to eight different addresses. Emails can also be sent to mobile phones or PDAs (personal digital assistants).

As if this isn't enough, let's add both RS232 and Ethernet connectivity plus intelligent I/O capabilities. Now the Web Controller can function as a gateway module with a control network, to engage with other PLCs, HMIs, PCs, and other field devices. Full SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) functionality or other high level control is now within our grasp.

Your brain is probably "percolating" with potential applications already. But just in case, allow us to throw out some likely uses. Let’s start out in left field. There is a massive problem of theft of yachts from their moorings (true story). How could the Web Controller help here? Glad you asked. Imagine our little Controller being secreted away into some dark corner of the yacht. In the middle of the night there is an unexpected entry, engine start, etc. The Controller first alerts (text message to cell phone or pager) the owner and the Coast Guard. Next, it fires up a GPS tracker, so the owner (or whoever has the proper clearance) can find the yacht’s position with any Web Browser. And, just to add insult to injury, the Web Controller cuts power to the engines, say, Oh, 30 minutes after the craft gets underway. The object of the thieves plot has now become their jail and holding cell until the authorities arrive.

Industrial and non-industrial applications abound! Think what you could do with vending machines! Your client could know ahead of time what products need restocking, and how much money is in the bin. How about high performance office printers and other machinery that needs regular refilling or servicing. IS (Information Systems) Technicians or traveling field engineers could be automatically sent a text message to notify them their stock is running low, or otherwise need attention.

Researchers would be able to set up automatic monitoring of their experiments.

Secure locations could create an effective robot watchman: sensors would detect intruders and activate the Web Controller to operate cameras and inform central control officer via an email or text message.

In retail the controller can use its bi-directional monitoring capabilities to monitor stock levels plus the status of point of sale equipment, refrigerators, and so forth. Then forward pertinent information to both head office and local managers.

"The uptake of web control of production machinery and industrial systems has to date been restricted to special cases where costs could be justified and special requirements were met".
"The EH-WD10DR breaks down this barrier, so that web control becomes a possibility for many new fields of applications".

Click to view a larger version.

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